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Dedham Art Society Constitution

The Dedham Art Society.  The name was changed at the AGM January 2018 by members of the former Dedham Arts Group.  The Dedham Arts Group was founded in 1967 by a few local amateur artists who enjoyed painting for pleasure.

Our Constitution.

The Dedham Arts Group was originally founded in 1967 by a few local amateur artists who enjoyed painting for pleasure and the name was changed to The Dedham Art Society by members of the former Dedham Arts Group on 1st January 2018.

The Dedham Art Society now operates under a wider concept to include artists from all over Essex and Suffolk. The Society upholds the spirit of the Dedham village and its neighbouring villages with landscapes much loved by the ground-breaking artist John Constable. ​

Enjoyment of painting and the other arts continues to motivate the Society. ​

The day to day affairs are directed by a Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting, which is normally held in January.  The Committee is comprised of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and five other members who are elected every 3 years.  These are Membership Secretary, a Social Secretary, a Programme Secretary, Publicity Secretary and an Exhibition Secretary.  Members retire by rotation each year but can be re-elected at the AGM. ​

The Committee also has the power to co-opt.​

Membership requires completion of an application form and payment of the annual subscription. In general Members are expected to attend at least 4 Sessions a year or Membership may not be renewed the following year.

Annual subscription levels are agreed at the AGM and are payable at that date.  Members who fail to pay their subscription by the end of the first quarter are deemed to have their membership lapsed.  Audited Accounts are presented by the Treasurer at the AGM.  When a member resigns, membership will continue until the following year unless stipulated that they are resigning from that date.

A member's personal contact details are needed by the Committee to help with the administration.  They will not be available to other members unless he or she gives permission to the contrary.  The Society fully complies with GDPR, so Members are expected to sign a form to that effect.

The Society aims to organise 2 Exhibitions during the year.  If there is need for a Selection Committee, this can be voted in by the Committee. Commission on sales, as decided by the Committee, is payable to the Society's funds.  Exhibiting members are required to steward at exhibitions and to find a substitute if they are prevented from attending themselves. Exhibition rules will be stipulated at each exhibition and members are expected to abide by those rules.

IMPORTANT.    Exhibits, i.e. all forms of paintings, ceramics, sculpture, wood carving etc., are displayed at their owner's risk.  All items must be original and not shown at the last 4 exhibitions.  The exhibition rules are sent to members each exhibition and notes are made available for the guidance of stewards.

​19 January 2019