Dedham Art Society Constitution

The Dedham Art Society.  The name was changed at the AGM January 2018 by members of the former Dedham Arts Group.  The Dedham Arts Group was founded in 1967 by a few local amateur artists who enjoyed painting for pleasure.

Our Constitution.

Constitution of the Dedham Art Society 2020


1.   Background

The Dedham Art Society was established in October 1967, although at that time it was called the Dedham Arts Group - founded as a group for local artists and artisans. It celebrated its 50th Anniversary with an exhibition in the Dedham Parish Church in 2017. 

To renew interest and update the Group it was decided at the 2018 AGM to change the name to Dedham Art Society, stimulating interest in a younger group of artists. The Society aims to provide interest for all who enjoy Art in its many forms, both professional and amateur.  We seek to help and inspire each other in convivial surroundings, have the benefit of outdoor painting sessions, meet up at Christmas and arrange a trip to another place of interest so that we stay for a few days and enjoy sketching, painting etc.

The Society enjoys the benefit of The Assembly Rooms in Dedham village as its base for its regular fortnightly practical sessions. In addition, during the summer months members arrange outdoor painting sessions at a range of local venues.

We undertake to produce a newsletter or regular emails that are sent to all members in order to facilitate good communication within the Society and to make members aware of local events taking place such as exhibitions etc.

2.  Aims

The Dedham Art Society is a welcoming and supportive not-for-profit organisation open to local amateur and professional artists, who share a common passion and interest in all aspects of artistic endeavour and practice.

3.  Members

The current membership of the Society is around 40, and it has been agreed to leave the membership open.  Having no limit will enable the Society to continue in its new venue of The Assembly Rooms in Dedham, with enough room for all participating members. This will be adjusted if needed.

Annual subscription levels are agreed at the AGM and are payable at that date.  These are set currently at £30 per annum.  Members who fail to pay their subscription by the end of the first quarter are deemed to have their membership lapsed.  Membership requires completion of an application form and payment of the annual subscription. In general Members are expected to attend at least 4 Sessions a year or membership may not be renewed the following year.

A member's personal contact details are needed by the Committee to help with the administration.  They will not be available to other members unless he or she gives their

express permission. If someone does not wish us to have their email address that is fine, we will contact them by ordinary mail. The Society fully complies with GDPR, with members expected to sign a form to that effect.


Resignations by members must be made in writing; these will be acknowledged.   Membership will now be deemed as finished after the next AGM unless specified in the members resignation.

4.  Committee and Officers

Day- to-day affairs are directed by a Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee is comprised of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Programme Secretary, Social Secretary, Exhibition Secretary, Minutes Secretary and other Committee Members are elected every 3 years.  Members retire by rotation each year but can be re-elected at the AGM. ​

The Committee also has the power to co-opt.​

On every occasion that the committee meets, written minutes are produced and subsequently checked by the committee for accuracy prior to being signed by the Chair as a true and comprehensive record.


5.  Finances

The Treasurer presents up to date records of monies held on behalf of members at every committee meeting, with Audited Accounts presented at the AGM.  Annual General Meeting and other meetings

The AGM is normally held in January.

An Emergency General Meeting can be called by the Committee in matters that require the vote of the whole Membership and the same rules apply as at an AGM.  Notice of at least 1 month will be given out to the whole Membership, prior to this happening. Committee Meetings are held approx. every 2 months.


7.  Exhibitions

The Society aims to organise a minimum of 1 exhibition during the year, with more if possible.  If there is need for a Selection Committee, this can be voted in by the Committee.

Commission on sales, the rate as decided by the Committee, is payable to the Society's funds.

Exhibitions are for members of the Society, unless specific notice has been given that it is based upon different entrance criteria, i.e. an Open Exhibition where different rules will apply.  

Exhibitions may require a hanging fee, and any works not collected at the end of an exhibition may attract a charge for storage. Fees per painting, will be decided by the Committee.

 Please note: Exhibiting members are required to steward at exhibitions for members or to find a substitute if they are prevented from attending themselves. All exhibitors must fill in the required documentation on time and plan for their artworks to be submitted promptly or collected by a friend if they are unable to do so themselves. Failure to do so will result in the paintings not being hung.

IMPORTANT.    Exhibits, i.e. all forms of paintings, ceramics, sculpture, wood carving etc., are displayed at their owner's risk.  If works are required to be insured, that must be done by the individual artist.  All principal artworks must be original and not shown at the last 4 exhibitions. The exceptions are folios and cards, which may be printed and can have been previously exhibited. The exhibition rules are sent to members before each exhibition and notes are made available for the guidance of stewards in the form of a Steward’s Handbook available at the main desk of the exhibition.  We occasionally have exhibitions that are not stewarded.

8.  Rules of Procedure

Rules of procedure accompany this Constitution, and are available on request.

9.  Changes to the constitution

Any changes required to the Constitution will be drafted by the Committee and presented to the full membership before and at the AGM, for consideration and adoption through the process of voting.

GLH 31.12.2019  Agreed unanimously AGM 2020.