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IRENA MASSARELLA    Ever since Irena was a child she had an interest in craft making and art. However very rarely had the opportunity or time to pursue this interest, only occasionally picking up a paint brush to dabble with watercolour. 


In the spring of 2017 much internet trolling put Irena in touch with a small group of local artists who have helped Irena develop her drawing and painting. 


For 12 months Irena has slowly worked her way through a variety of mediums from coloured pencil, pen, pastel, acrylic, watercolour and oil to try and find a preference. 

Unfortunately she loves them all but is drawn to pen and ink combined with watercolour.  


For the moment, Irena is benefiting from the rich and welcoming art community in Colchester and Suffolk intending to focus on improving her drawing skills and mastering watercolour and oil painting. Her preference is broad but she is mainly interested in botanical art, landscapes and coastal scenes.