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Dedham Art Society - 23rd June 2019

Winner of the Most Popular Painting.
Dedham High Street. Helen Morgans.

Commencing with Public Preview on Sunday 23rd June at 7.00pm, attendance was great. The sun which had shone all day was still in the sky when we left the Church at approx 9.00 pm. The Bishop of Chelmsford opened the Exhibition , showing slides of his favourite religious painter.

It was well received all week, culminating on Saturday 29th June with a cup being presented to Helen Morgans, for the second time running, for the .Most Popular Painting - a painting of Dedham High Street. Congratulations to Helen.

Here are photos of the event and some of the paintings exhibited.

Next Session will be on Tuesday 9th July arranged by Mary Mudd and entitled A Secret Dedham Garden. Members will be updated in a newsletter before the event.

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