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Dedham Art Society - 8th May 2019

Special Visit to the Chapel at Colchester Barracks.

After our WW1 Exhibition at Dedham Parish Church in November/December 2018. The Rev. Antony Wilson asked us if we would like to put our paintings in the new Chapel of Remembrance at Colchester Barracks for an indeterminate time. As a Society we were delighted to do this and March this year the paintings were hung in this pleasant peaceful place. On 8th May 2019 members were asked is they would be like to see the painting in situ. So off we went. To our amazement we were welcomed and looked after royally. We all had a great time in the most pleasant of company and as some offered to donate their paintings for a permanent collection, the soldiers said that would greatly appreciated and now they hang as a permanent collection for anyone using the area for quiet contemplation.

We so pleased that our paintings will offer this service and thank everyone that helped this to take place. Especially the Rev. Antony Wilson who came to escort us.

Our next Session is on the 16th May 2019 Gina Hams (Member/Chair) will lead a free session, as some members will be away on a trip to Wells. Bring along anything you are working on and Gina will provide a still life for those who want to use it. Also a great pile of Art Magazines for anyone who wants inspiration for a new piece of Art.

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