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Dedham Art Society - Thursday 13th November 2019

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Jan Fallows - Collage.

Jan led a Session on Collage. Much good work done.

Collage/Mixed Media Demo with participation

Choose your subject matter. You can use any paper/board. Please bring along a mixture of painting/drawing materials and magazine cuttings relating to your subject.

You could also bring an old toothbrush and engraving materials.

Look forward to seeing you for a fun explorational experience.

Artist: Jan Fallows

The next Session will be at the Assembly Rooms on 28th November 2019. Gina Hams , will be leading a General Session. Please bring anything you are working on a the moment, any media. Gina will be answering questions on Perspective in particular. She will also bring along a large array of popular Art and Landscape magazines so feel free to use in your work and take home with you if you want.

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