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Dedham Art Society - Virtual Session Tuesday 13th 2020

ArtJam update

This week we had a break from themes and Gina provided a lovely selection of photographs for us to paint in a medium of our choice.

We had a variety of images to suit everyone. Girls in a meadow, lovely white and purple flowers, sunny buildings in light & shadow and lastly a still life of lemons in a silver bowl with reflections to master. Lots of opportunity to practice many skills and techniques.

With such a selection to choose from some members are still working on their pieces, but in the meantime here is a selection of the completed work produced by the Dedham Art Society members who attend the online (virtual) painting sessions.  As the other pieces are finished we will definitely include them in future ArtJam blog updates.

You can look at an enlarged version of the pictures by tapping  the image to enlarge it.

As you can see from the growing selection of work, new names are appearing and more members are joining in.... If you wish to join our online group, please email

Next week the theme is portraits ... not everyone’s forte but we welcome a challenge and opportunity to practice and improve. It’s also ok to paint something else of your choice!

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